A new generation of business travellers are reshaping the work trip, with work-life balance at the heart of the equation.

In a universe that sometimes seems like it moves at light speed, the world of business is changing fast. Technologies that would have been Star Trek fantasies a generation ago, from smartphones to video conferencing, are now as common as the dictaphone or photo slides of yesteryear.

And just as business changes, business travel also continues to evolve. For one thing, business travellers are getting younger. By 2025, millennials will make up 75 per cent of the global workforce; one survey found they are already the dominant age group among business travellers.

This new style of traveller doesn’t physically delineate work and life. The same room can stand as a temporary office and a space to relax. Increasingly, social media is used for both work and play – with Instagram ‘likes’ and business emails arriving on the same device. As work and life blend, so do business and leisure, in the space where the routine business trip meets the spirit of adventure.

Research shows more than one in three business travellers will make leisure plans on their work trip. The new generation of business traveller seeks out experiences, activities and highlights beyond the confines of the office, be it the perfect rooftop bar for a sunset cocktail or the riverside running track of their dreams. They also aren’t shy about extending trips so significant others can join them.

For these next-generation road warriors, the gym, bar and work form the holy trinity of business travel. According to one survey, 44 per cent of younger business travellers have put on weight while travelling for work and 65 per cent routinely pack exercise gear but fail to use it. Thankfully, business hotels are working to help travellers overcome these challenges. Hoteliers are shaping up with 24-hour fitness centres, healthy breakfasts to go, and lighter meal options rather than calorie-laden snacks such as burgers, curries and noodles.

The contemporary business traveller doesn’t just like to eat clean. They aim to sleep clean, too. At the end of a busy day, a good night’s rest is essential to power through the next day’s meetings. As such, business travel brands have made sleep a focus; IHG’s Crowne Plaza hotels offer dedicated “quiet zones”, aromatherapy sleep sprays, hotel spas and state-of-the-art gyms so travellers can rest, refresh and find their balance.

For even in a fast-paced world, a few simple rules remain for every business traveller no matter their age: great food, quality sleep, a little exercise and ample social time.

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