Why are five financial institutions, one multilateral organization, two global technology vendors, six telecom infrastructure companies, and one global insurer aligning resources? They are taking on a monumental project to transform the face of Mexico and create new types of opportunity throughout the country: The Shared Network.

Connectivity is key. In part thanks to Chubb, Altán Redes can improve the country’s information infrastructure by deploying a shared wholesale 4G LTE network throughout the country. In the next seven years, even many of the country’s most remote villages could have access to a high-speed connection, providing anything from telemedicine to entrepreneurial opportunities that have long kept rural communities behind. Currently there are 40 million people in Mexico without any internet access, and when the project is completed more than 92% of the Mexican population will be served by the most advanced high bandwidth mobile network, paving the road for Mexico, one of the first countries to develop a 5G country wide network.

Deploying a countrywide ultra-high bandwidth infrastructure for internet access isn’t the only way in which countries are preparing for the future. In these types of large-scale collaborations, global insurer Chubb plays a major role by tapping into the kind of innovative projects that help to create opportunities across the world. Even with many moving parts, Chubb can help secure participation from collaborators and provide risk assessment capabilities across industries. “You really need to have risk analysis capabilities and have partners that really understand the risk,” says Joaquín Coronado, Executive Director of Altán Redes who is working with Chubb on the project.

Mexico is just one example of what’s to come when this type of wide-reaching collaboration takes place. Forward-looking information infrastructure projects are finding momentum on a global scale -- giving people economic opportunities that would have been impossible just five years ago. “Chubb had to coordinate and had to analyze the risk of the whole project,” says Coronado. “It's a massive logistics and integration effort, because we need to implement this in more than 15,000 locations all over the country.”

Even outside of Mexico, these are the types of projects that help to bring nations into the digital age, Coronado explains. With technology allowing more capabilities for collaboration, initiatives that were once difficult to pull off are now crucial to getting the world’s cities up-to-date. For companies like Altán Redes, that means taking the lead on helping to build societies and prepare cities to tackle problems of the future. But navigating these opportunities can be challenging. Only Chubb had the capabilities to help Altán Redes bring together the Mexican government, private businesses, and financial institutions by creating a surety bond.

To be sure, Mexico is not alone in pursuing complex large-scale innovation. In the last few years there are similar development projects helping cities stay viable in the future. In India, the 100 Smart Cities Mission, focuses on urban renewal in existing cities with a focus on technology. The Konza Technology City in Kenya outside of Nairobi will become a $14.5 billion software hub for Africa’s Silicon Savannah. Companies including Chubb will continue to use their expertise to manage additional full-scale development partnerships across many sectors and markets.

For Mexico—thanks to Altán Redes and Chubb--these next seven years are going to be a game changer.

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