Focus . Persevere . Breakthrough

Against All Odds

Extraordinary people,
amazing stories

The unexpected creates the incredible. What would have stopped most ordinary people in their tracks hasn’t prevented these inspirational heroes from making their mark.

Meet four people who have achieved incredible things by battling against all odds.

Monica Grady: Comet chaser

Experience the excitement at discovering the mysteries of space science.

John Bramblitt: Emerging from darkness

Revealing the powerful vision of the mind.

Erica Kochi: Saving lives through tech

Simple ideas that can change the world.

Alex Honnold: Life on the edge

Trusting instincts and knowing limits.

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Against All Odds

Focus . Persevere . Breakthrough

Based on a Chinese proverb – focused accumulation of time and effort can lead to breakthroughs – Huawei’s business spirit is a statement of a relentless attitude: a heart that passionately believes one people, one direction and one focus can drive a force that influences, inspires and innovates. It’s a formula for new ideas, for a world that never settles.

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