As businesses around the world look for ways to improve their efficiency and profitability, a growing number are opting to go completely cashless. This means that instead of accepting and counting cash at the end of the day, these businesses are accepting payments via card, contactless and mobile devices, helping them avoid the hidden costs associated with cash, whilst serving their customers faster. Similarly, when it comes to paying for supplies and services, these cashless companies are using their business credit and debit cards. Just like for consumers, cards are proving a convenient and simple way for businesses to pay for the things they need, whether they are purchasing online, over the phone or face-to-face.

Spice Alley, a bustling Asian-style hawker centre in Sydney, is one of the many pioneering companies that have already taken this step, serving thousands of customers every day all via cashless payments. To learn more, we went to visit and discover how cashless payments have transformed the business and customer experience.

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