There's a cultural shift happening...the consumer is looking for more than a transaction.
-Frank Zambrelli

In this third episode of “Redefining the Space," we travel along with Ashley Owens, Editor of Suited Magazine, to the design headquarters of 1 Atelier. This unique New York Based fashion brand is revolutionizing the way we look at luxury by putting the individual front and center throughout the design process.

"There's a cultural shift happening, where the consumer is looking for more than a transaction," says Founder and Creative Director Frank Zambrelli. 1 Atelier's answer to this shift? Giving the individual access to best-in-class artisans and the world's finest materials to create bespoke bags, folios and backpacks. With this revolutionary digital shopping experience, personalized luxury is quite literally at your fingertips.

This revealing, behind-the-scenes look at one of the industry's most transformative luxury brands, will inspire customers to think beyond the traditional retail model, to redefine and elevate what makes each of us original.


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