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The Seychelles' 115 islands are so much more than sun, sea and sand. From bustling street food markets and fascinating historic sites to lush botanical gardens and inspiring art galleries, discover some hidden gems across the archipelago.


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Explore the Seychelles through twenty locations across the map. The locations feature some of the best destinations for history & culture, art, food & drink and nature.


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Use the cursor to roll over and click on each location's icon to discover more information about each one.

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Hindu Temple Awash with colour and intricate detail, the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple was built in 1992 and is the only Hindu temple in the Seychelles. Named after Lord Vinayagar, the Hindu god of prosperity and safety, and standing at sixteen metres tall, this incredible building rises to the sky like a flower permanently in bloom. Marie Antoinette Restaurant Oozing with rustic charm, a relaxed atmosphere and a menu filled with authentic Creole classics, the Marie-Antoinette has been top of the traveller's to-do-list for decades. With a rich history spanning nearly fifty years, they certainly know what they are doing. Traditional dishes such as parrotfish, fish stew and pumpkin chutney, created from local produce, are served in the palatial surroundings of this wonderful St Louis based restaurant. Bazar Labrinn Fresh local street food, tropical cocktails and sunsets; what more could you want? From samosas to octopus curry and barbecued sausages to jerk chicken, this is the place to be to truly sample the melting pot of cultures that make up the Seychelles. Located on the northern most beach of Mahe, at Beau Vallon, the market is open every Wednesday afternoon. George Camille Art has the power to take you to another world and a trip to George Camille's gallery will give you the chance to take home a painting that will forever be your window into the Creole life. This self-taught Seychelles native is a master at capturing the natural ebb and flow of island life, documenting the country's natural spirit through his use of bold colours and shapes. National Museum of History For those looking to understand the Seychelles way of being, a trip to the National History Museum is a must. With an incredible collection of artefacts, documents and maps, the museum offers a fascinating insight into the history of the country. You'll even be able to decide for yourself whether the tiny statue of Queen Victoria really is the smallest in the world! Esplanade Craft Kiosks No holiday would be complete without a souvenir to take home and at the Esplanade Craft Kiosk you'll find yourself a perfect memento. Created to encourage a range of artisan craft enterprises around the islands, the kiosks are a great place to while away a few hours exploring in the cool, shady surroundings searching for that little keepsake. Botanical Garden Orchids, 150 year old tortoises and fruit bats; this nearly century old institution is home to an incredible range of endemic and colourful exotic plants. The centre stretches over five acres of beautifully landscaped tropical gardens and is located on Mont Fleuri on the outskirts of Victoria. Mission Lodge As one of the highest road accessible points on Mahe, Mission Lodge is the perfect place to take in the breathtaking views of central Mahe and the West Coast. This popular lookout point, with its low-slung ruins a reminder of the Lodge's historical importance, now features a peaceful, shaded gazebo; an ideal spot to take in the spectacular vista. Clock Tower Built in 1903, The Victoria Clocktower, is one of the most iconic historical features in Victoria. Known in Creole as Lorloz, the elegant tower is a replica of one originally found outside Victoria Station in London and has remained most unchanged since completion. You can set your watch to its hourly chime as you explore the beautiful capital city. Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market Located in the heart of the capital, Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market is a great place to learn about local food and culture. A kaleidoscope of colours and sounds, there's something for everyone with plenty of local artwork and clothes on offer but it is the fresh seafood that it is most famous for. From barracuda to parrot fish, the choice is endless, but make sure you get down early – it opens at 4am – to make sure you bag the catch of the day. Eden Art Gallery With clean lines, floor to ceiling glass and large modern white walls, the Eden Gallery certainly assumes the form of a contemporary art gallery. It is in fact the largest international contemporary gallery on the island and home to a wealth of the island's most talented artists work, as well as those from beyond the country's shores. From photography to oil on canvas, add something to your collection from the heart of Eden Island. National Biodiversity Centre For a country surrounded by blue, the Seychelles is truly green at heart. Set in 17 hectares of lush green forest, The National Biodiversity Centre, is one of the most recent examples of the Seychelles' drive to conserve the local bio-diversity. The centre, located on the western side of Mahe, offers the chance for visitors to learn about the endemic plants that form the unique natural landscape across the archipelago. Domaine de Val des Près Fancy getting married Creole style? Well look no further and immerse yourself in traditional Creole culture at this unique craft village, part of the Patrimwann – or heritage trail – in the Seychelles. Consisting of five main attractions, spanning architecture, arts & crafts and gastronomy, you'll get to see these historic buildings just as they were in the 18th and 20th centuries. La Plaine St. Andre Serving up modern twists on Creole classics, La Plaine St. Andre, is a foodie's paradise. Located on an old estate dating back to 1792, this is the ideal place to get to know the Creole flavours. After your meal you can sample the finest Takamaka rum, distilled on site, and take a walk through the beautiful grounds, once again flourishing with the many medical, herbs and fruit trees the estate was known for in the 19th century. Tom Bowers Studio A unique look for a unique country. Tom Bower's, bronze cast, highly original sculptures capture his perspective of the beauty and serenity of island life. He is also the artist behind the beautiful national monument, ‘Liberty', located in Victoria. At his studio, on the eastern side of Mahe, visitors can find a number of his limited edition pieces as well as a warm greeting from Tom himself. Le Jardin Du Roi A haven for foodies & nature lovers alike, the 18th century inspired gardens give visitors a chance to amble through the spice plantations and nature trails before sitting down to a delicious traditional meal in the restaurant. With nearly all the food, drink and ice cream flavoured with spices from the garden, it's the place to be for a flavour of the Seychelles. Keep your eye out for the special fixed menu on a Sunday; The Plantation Lunch. Anse Lazio With brilliant white sand, topaz water and the lush, deep green of the gently swaying palms, Anse Lazio is a post-card-perfect beach. Nestled in the northwest tip of Praslin, Anse Lazio offers incredible snorkelling, sun bathing or even exploring the huge granite boulders at its edges. This is truly a beach of dreams. Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve Take a trip back into a pre-historic era with a visit to this largely unchanged palm forest. A UNESCO world heritage site, The Vallee de Mai is one of the best places in the Seychelles to see the famous coco de mer nut. This nut, the largest in the natural world, is said to have originated from a once-sea dwelling palm tree and is now a national treasure of the Seychelles. L'Union Estate A slice of history is on offer at L'Union Estate on La Digue. Discover the traditional copra mill, the kalorifer (kiln) and how vanilla was cultivated at this long-standing estate. Exploring the grounds is the perfect combination with an afternoon spent on the incredible, and neighbouring, Source d'Argent beach. If that's not enough, there's even a family of giant tortoises to see! Anse Source d'Argent Perhaps one of the most photographed beaches in the world, and with good reason. The unique, almost sculpture like, granite boulders that line the peripheries of this beautiful beach provide the perfect pairing with the soft, white sand and turquoise waters at its centre. Accessed via L'Union Estate, and located on La Digue island, this a beach not to be missed. Shark Ray Surfer Boat Bottle Turtle Whale Diver Ball Man Woman Fish Fish Swimmer Swimmer Swimmer Swimmer Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree