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Decoration and style are important elements of creating a home - but for some rooms, functionality has to be an integral part of design.

Swadling Brassware was founded by Jeremy Swadling in the 1970s from a small workshop in Petersfield, Hampshire.
Invincible was the first major product range – comprising traditional Exposed Thermostatic Shower Mixers, some of the earliest English Shower Mixers to use thermostatic cartridges. Now Swadling Brassware offer four collections of Bathroom Brassware, each embracing a twist on classic English Brassware design.

In the early 2000s, Swadling Brassware became part of the Matki group of companies. Today, all products continue to be designed, manufactured and finished in accordance with the strong values conceived by Jeremy Swadling and in many cases by the same people he worked with at the time.

‘We have three marks to hit,’ says Swadling Brassware’s Managing Director, Nicholas Cunild. ‘Quality is obviously important, because we need to know that wherever in the world we are sending a product, it is an ambassador for what we do. Practicality - of course, because the bathroom is the hardest-working room in the home. And finally, beautiful design: brassware needs to reflect the aesthetic demands of customers.’

Designer Kirsty Walker agrees: ‘It’s a challenge to think about how these products work in the real world. The company has been running since 1971, and with that comes experience. For me a design is a success if it becomes a part of somebody’s home, something that makes the customer happy every time they use it.’

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