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For decades, certain institutions have dominated the international higher education conversation. Schools like Oxford and Cambridge come to mind. But as countries continue to invest in education resources, a host of new international universities are drawing in students from all over the world. According to the Institute of International Education, enrollment of international students in universities in places like the UK, Canada and Australia has been consistently growing year-over-year.

For Essosolim Apollinaire Abi, there were plenty of reasons to apply to universities outside of where he grew up in Togo, the West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea. He was looking forward to visiting different places, experiencing traditional foods and immersing himself in a culture unlike his own. When his school counselor suggested he study in India, it sounded like the perfect place.

“She told me about the diverse internship opportunities and the toughness of academics,” he recalls. “I was also interested in the diverse culture and curious minds, as well as helping to eliminate the myths and ignorance about Africa. Plus, the travelling and food are cheap!”


More destinations are becoming lucrative hotspots for international students.

Abi’s counselor suggested Ashoka University in India, and recommended he take the SAT to apply with his scores. Abi was accepted to Ashoka with full needs-based financial aid that allows him to have a financially stress-free experience while studying in India.

The SAT is a valuable tool for students looking to study abroad and broaden their educational opportunities. As the global interest to study internationally continues to grow, more universities worldwide are accepting SAT scores.


The SAT is one of the most accepted entry exams for universities all over the world.

Thinking Outside the US Box
With so many international academic options, it can be difficult for students to know which schools are right for them. Representing over 6,000 of the world’s leading colleges, schools and educational organizations, The College Board holds an exhaustive and comprehensive list of international universities and colleges that accept the SAT, AP (Advanced Placement), and SAT Subject Tests in their application.

“The College Board application resources are very clear and well organized,” says Beini Wang, a Chinese student currently attending McGill University in Canada. “The content can be sorted and easily filtered. It’s super helpful.”

From South Korea’s Seoul National University, to the Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada, and from the UK’s University of Birmingham, to the Florence Institute of Design International in Italy, the College Board’s directory of Higher Education Recognition of SAT and SAT Subject Tests is constantly being updated and maintained for internationally-bound students to access and use. Many of these schools are becoming lucrative destinations to pursue postsecondary education and College Board programs serve as passport examinations to world higher education hotspots.

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The College Board represents over 6,000 of the world’s leading educational organizations.

A Centralized Hub Of Information
Once a student takes a standardized test, it isn’t always clear how to receive test scores or how to use them to apply internationally. The more international universities that require tests like the SAT for admission, the more familiar students will become with each component of the globally standardized test.

“Organizations like the College Board are helpful for anyone short of a college counseling resource,” says Dr. Victor Chuang, Principal of the Kang Chiao International School’s East China campus in the Jiangus Province. “The SAT is one of the most accepted application materials for universities all over the world. A good report will enhance any student’s application competitiveness.”


The SAT is a valuable tool for students looking to study abroad and broaden their educational opportunities.

The Right Fit
Accessing a centralized hub of academic information that aggregates and organizes application factors can be a game changer for students who truly want to find the right university for them. Students who have used preparatory resources say they’ve felt more supported and confident going through the university application process.

“More and more universities are accepting SAT and AP scores, which is a win-win outcome and helps high school students from all over the world,” says Runyang Mao, a student from Ningbo, China who attended both Durham University and Imperial College in the UK. “Students are now able to choose the curriculum that fits them best.”

The world of higher education is opening up. Students like Mao are navigating a world of options that were previously unavailable to them or any generation before. It’s an exciting time for students interested in studying internationally, and universally accepted standardized tests are serving as tools for students who want to achieve academic success abroad.

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