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Advice on quitting your job and travelling for a year


Embarking on an extended adventure often means taking a leap of faith and leaving key responsibilities behind. But those that have done it say the experience is more than worth it.
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Paris is making love public, in 160 characters or less


Arguably the most romantic city in the world, Paris is giving enamoured residents and visitors the chance to declare their love on the city’s digital billboards.
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A train to nowhere in Siberia


Built in an inhospitable land of extreme winter cold, the 3,140km-long Baikal-Amur Mainline blazes a path through some of Russia's least accessible terrain.
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The children of Llullaillaco

The Museum of High Altitude Archaeology is home to Incan artefacts uncovered in the Argentine Andes, including on of the most surprising discoveries – three mummified infants.
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India’s pure, wicked wilderness


Once home to gun-brandishing bandit gangs, India’s National Chambal Sanctuary is a wicked wilderness full of crocodiles that can overturn boats and incredibly agile blind dolphins.
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After going to the dogs, a Californian quarter heats up


San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighbourhood thrived until World War II – then sank into decay. Now, a flood of new restaurants and shops are making it a prime place to prowl once more.
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