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Street art selfies in Paris


In an amazing juxtaposition of old and new, French street artist JR has taken over Le Pantheon, covering its ceiling, floor and cupola in a sea of black-and-white portraits.
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Switzerland’s valley of butterflies


The rugged, ancient landscape of Canton Valais is home to a variety of exquisite, endangered butterflies that draws lepidopterists from around the world.
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Swim between two tectonic plates


Iceland’s Silfra fissure is one of the only places where you can dive between two continents. In some cases the space is so narrow, you can touch North America and Europe at once.
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A dark and fantastical Polish land


In this province filled with medieval castles and dense forest, it’s easy to imagine Hansel and Gretel skipping past the gingerbread houses, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind them.
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Chasing shadows and light in Iran


Marian Reid explores the country’s desert towns, where 3,000 years of generations have adapted to the harsh environment to create a beautiful and timeless world.
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The volcano miners


The acidic wasteland of the Ijen crater is a world of hard work and danger, where men descend each day into the belly of the fiery pit to live and die by the sulphur they mine.

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