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Doing Amsterdam the Dutch way


From a cycle tour leader to a bartender at a brown cafe, the people behind classic Amsterdam experiences share the lesser-known places that they love, far from the tourist crowds.
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Cooking in the danger zone: Afghanistan

In this video from the BBC archive, Stefan Gates cooks his way around the war-torn country.
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Africa’s Salvador Dali dreamscape


In Matopos National Park, surreal balancing rocks, psychedelic reptiles and multicoloured lichen combine to create a scene from another planet.
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Ancient worlds: The story of civilisation

In this classic video from the BBC archive, historian Richard Miles travels to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Anatolia and Greece, showing how past successes and failures shaped today's world.
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In today’s Paris, cutting-edge art, culture and cuisine


Old Masters, move aside: thanks to a contemporary art renaissance, the City of Light beams with 21st-century galleries, museums, even restaurants.
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Cooking in the danger zone: Chernobyl

In this video from the BBC archive, Stefan Gates visits the site of the world's worst nuclear accident and is faced with a dilemma when a woman prepares a meal from local produce.
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