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Tokyo beyond the tour guides

Tokyo's restaurants are world renowned, but a new start-up seeks to expand traveller's palates and horizons by inviting them into local homes to share a meal.
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Beyond the Headlines

The politics of making maps


Russia’s invasion of Crimea has not just been a headache for diplomats: it has also been the latest in a series of problems for cartographers.
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‘There is a dark side to this bucolic Swiss bliss’


The Swiss alpine region of Appenzell is achingly beautiful – and haunted by loneliness so palpable, it has inspired one of the world’s saddest, most beautiful forms of music.
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Brazil’s African soul


African culture brought over during the slave trade still influences modern Salvador in myriad ways, from unique art forms to ongoing social struggles.

Beyond the Headlines

See the US only locals know


Last week, US President Barack Obama pitched the United States as the next travel hotspot – so we went in search of some of the country’s charming, quirky and lesser-known sights.
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Sleep in Kim Jong-il’s bed


In North Korea’s Mt Chilbo Homestay, guests can mix with locals and wander the grounds under the watchful eye of “Dear Leader’s” portraits. Just stay within the electric fence.
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