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The first rule in tracking lions: No running


Walking safaris in Botswana bring travellers out of the jeep – and their comfort zone – and onto the dry, African soil to hunt for one of the greatest predators in the animal kingdom.
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Do genes explain Danish happiness?


The Danes are famously considered to be the happiest people in the world. Can other nationalities follow suit?
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The Quora Column

Friends want life advice? Tell them to travel more


From broadening perspectives to creating lasting memories, seeing the world can be a major exercise in self-improvement.
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Stunning photos of Scottish skies


Scotland is often thought of as grey and dreary, but these images, which capture the landscape and sky in a range of vivid hues, tell a very different story.

Our favourite images of the week

A selection of the most captivating travel images from around the world, including the majestic ruins on St Nicholas Island and the tranquil waters of the Okavango Delta.

Four days in Australia’s open ocean


A live-aboard boat affords travellers a much closer look at the country’s psychedelically beautiful Great Barrier Reef – without any of the day-tripper crowds.
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Scotland as you rarely see it

These photos capture a range of vivid hues

The show of a lifetime

Incredible photos of hungry predators

Father Christmas’ island escape

The saint’s story is shrouded in mystery

Driving the ‘Roof of the World’

Discover a region of severe, natural beauty

Our favourite images of the week

Stunning photos from around the world


A paradise protected by butterflies

It’s hard to imagine a place like this exists

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