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Fictional Footsteps

Stephen King’s hotel of horrors


Colorado’s Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King’s horror classic, The Shining. More than 30 years later, the hotel remains as historic – and haunted – as ever.
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Beyond the Headlines

The key to preventing lost planes


New satellite-based technology could improve and expand in-flight tracking, making incidents such as missing flight MH370 obsolete.
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A new look for Old Montreal


The neighbourhood’s 350-year-old cobblestoned streets are getting a new look – and a reputation for of-the-moment boutiques, bars and shops.
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Lodges Robinson Crusoe would love


As an alternative to the Dominican Republic’s all-inclusive resorts, owners are opening more eco-conscious lodges that are small, play a part in the local community – and stunning.
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The land of myths and mountains


Intrepid travellers are increasingly heading to the remote fjords of East Iceland, drawn by superior bird-watching experiences, isolated hiking trails and Elvish lore.

How I Quit My Job to Travel

How I quit my job to travel: The wedding photographer


Travel blogger Kirsten Alana explains how, and why, she left her life behind – without savings, much travel experience or even a backpack.
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