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Paris’ 21st Century literary salon


Book Club is a highly successful social event that has been drawing erudite hipsters to its monthly events in the French capital.
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Rediscovering Ireland

As the country urbanizes, many fear that the idyllic Emerald Isle will disappear. Tour a few of the towns and historical sites that keep Ireland’s heritage alive.

A wave of independent shops in Dublin


Collapsing rents and surplus commercial space have enticed many Irish designers to open galleries and boutiques in the emerging “Creative Quarter”.
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The world’s coolest staircases

From winding stairs that lead to nowhere to “Heaven’s gate”, 999 gruelling steps in the air, these heights are worth seeking out.

The Passport blog

Openings: New York, Chennai, Istanbul and Kiev


At more than 400sqft, the guest rooms at the Conrad New York are bigger than some Manhattan apartments.
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Beyond the Headlines

Best blogging tools for travellers


Free and easy ways to keep an online journal or collage of your travels.
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