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The world’s shortest St Patrick’s parade


Hot Springs, Arkansas, holds its annual St Patrick’s Day procession on the 98ft-long Bridge Street, named the “world’s shortest street in everyday use”.
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Day trips from Dublin


The rolling hills around the Irish capital are endowed with an array of easily accessible side trips, from charming coastal villages to breathtaking mountain scenery.
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Mapping the World

Mapping the world: St Petersburg, Russia

A cartographer's guide to global destinations.
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Mini Guide

Mini guide to Singapore

Where else can you find a temple honoring Buddha’s tooth? Head to this island city-state for a twist on religion, nature and art, along with some top notch dumplings.
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Mexico City's dynamic street art


With a burgeoning legitimized street art scene, local and international artists are making the Mexican capital their canvas.

The Passport blog

Hitler’s Ukrainian bunker revealed


Hidden in the pine forests of central Ukraine is one of Adolf Hitler’s secret bunkers, from which he and his generals monitored the Eastern Front during the World War II.
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