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Daily deal: One night on the Oregon coast


Explore the luxury playground of the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort, tucked away in a bay-side cove ($129).
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Papayas and piety in Belize


The Belizean Mennonites comprise only 3.4% of the country's population but are one of its most intriguing ethnic groups.
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World’s biggest buildings

From clock towers to ski resorts, these massive structures from around the globe are the largest of their kind.


Trivia pays big in Sydney’s pubs


After a hard day's work, many locals blow off steam at pub trivia, a popular group activity where the prizes range from bar vouchers to cash jackpots.
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Worldwide Weird

Bathe at a beer spa


Select breweries and spas in the US and Europe offer lager-loving treatments that fortify the skin with B vitamins, proteins and antioxidants.
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Mapping the World

Mapping the world: Berlin

A cartographer's guide to global destinations.
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