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Adventuring in Belize


With activities ranging from horse riding to cave tubing, from rainforest hikes to diving pristine reefs, this diminutive country proves that the best things come in small packages.
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South Korea’s Robotland and Asian theme park supremacy


China, Japan and now South Korea are helping the region steal the thrill mantle away from the United States.
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Beyond the Headlines

Tools that (almost) make travel easier


Three new trip-planning innovations aim to help travellers find better aeroplane seats, better hotel rooms and personalised destination advice.
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The Passport blog

The futurist: Saudi Arabia to get high speed rail


A high speed rail link between Saudi Arabia’s holy cities of Mecca and Medina is set to be completed by late 2012.
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The Passport blog

Daily deal: Two nights in a Napa Valley boutique hotel


Less than an hour away from San Francisco, the Wine Country Inn offers a two-night stay ($459) in a relaxing atmosphere.
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A beer trail is brewing in New York’s Finger Lakes


Brewpubs and breweries are flourishing among the more-established vineyards and chateaux in upstate New York.
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