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Nine must-learn local phrases


Endear yourself to locals by speaking a few key words in their language first
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The Passport blog

Daily deal: Beach get-away in Santa Monica, California


Escape to the Shangri-La Hotel in west LA and enjoy a poolside cabana and a beachfront view for one night ($295).
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The Passport blog

Where the wild things are in Taiwan


The Matsu islets, the republic’s newest tourist attraction, have been preserved by now lifted military restrictions.
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Mini Guide

Mini guide to the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Despite some over-zealous development, the natural beauty of Mexico’s Yucatán abides.
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Fairytale-like European castles

These grand fortresses, some in ruins, others restored to their former glory, provide a silent testament to a time long past.
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Underwater in the Yucatán

Snorkel in aqua-green waters with dolphins, sea turtles and nurse sharks, or try diving into a centote for a completely different look at Mexico’s underwater world.

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