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A perfect day in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a city where high finance meets high fashion, but for a visitor there are sights, sounds and smells of a different, more local world.
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The amazing views of Hong Kong


Hong Kong has uniquely energetic vistas from the top down and the bottom up.
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Lonely Planet's top 10 ways to see Hong Kong


It is an intoxicating place – spectacular, exotic and accessible. Here are the best ways to delve into the city’s absorbing culture.
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Dining in the dark in London


Try a night of a true sensory experience, where you cannot see what you are eating or drinking.
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Hong Kong: The birthplace of modern dragons


The city has taken dragonboat racing and turned it into one of the world’s fastest growing sports.
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Hong Kong: Where worlds collide


A former resident and BBC correspondent returns to the city to find out how it has changed since the handover and his time there.
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