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I came here to learn flamenco


Flamenco, Spain’s soul-stirring gift to the world of music, provides the ever-present soundtrack to Spanish life.
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The magical Kalahari desert


A trip to the Kalahari is akin to catapulting into a parallel universe. Timeless and magical, stretches of space spin on into infinity and shapes distort in the scorching desert heat.
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Trekking the unexplored mountains of Morocco


Morocco is blessed with some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful mountains, many of which only see a handful of trekkers every year.
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Watching Australia's wildlife


The country's network of national parks, state forests and reserves are home to unique and fascinating native animals.
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A perfect day in Cairo


When in Cairo, it is imperative to leave a day or so to uncover the hidden pleasures of the city and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a whole host of lesser-known gems.
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A perfect day in Rome


Every perfect Roman day begins with a soul-nourishing coffee and ends at a table filled with good food and conversation.
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