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Oman’s underground playgrounds

Below the surface of the Sultanate are hundreds of incredible natural caves, suitable for both beginners and experienced spelunkers.
Read more… 02 July 2012


The human limits of roller coasters

How the amusement ride industry maintains a fairly sound safety record despite taking the human body to exhilarating extremes.
Read more… 29 June 2012

China’s most terrifying theme park

In China’s industrial Guangzhou city, Chimelong Paradise is a huge, eerily empty site with stomach-churning roller coasters and a questionable safety rating.
Read more… 28 June 2012

Strangest travel phobias

These five destinations can bring out fears you never knew existed.
19 June 2012

Arizona’s Wild West revisited

Once a place of risky cattle drives and sundown duels, the state’s cowboy legacy lives on today.
14 June 2012

Virginia’s colonial-era river adventure

The James River Batteaux Festival is a 120-mile-long, eight-day, time-travel boat ride re-enacting a nearly forgotten era of local trade.
14 June 2012

Vietnam’s colossal cave

Located in central Vietnam’s rugged Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Hang Son Doong might be the world’s largest subterranean cavern.
07 June 2012

The Amazon, a river of extremes

Every species in the Peruvian Amazon – from the caiman lizards to the villagers of Puerto Miguel -- has developed an elaborate defence mechanism to survive the harsh environment.
05 June 2012

Taming the heart of the Peruvian Amazon

In the rainy season, the 4,000-mile river crashes over its banks, turning entire forests into inland seas and camouflaging many of the dangers that lurk beneath.
Read more… 05 June 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Four new impromptu-activity apps

A new generation of mobile apps pinpoint a traveller's location and uncover worthwhile activities and attractions nearby, offering innovative functionality to rival Foursquare.
Read more… 25 May 2012

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