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Taming wild hyenas outside Harar


A man in the Ethiopian desert has become famous for feeding the scavenging animals by hand – and occasionally from his own mouth.

Exploring Ethiopia’s homespun museum


Lonely Planet author Katharina Kane travels to the ancient Muslim city of Harar to meet a man who has dedicated his life to collecting and preserving precious Ethiopian artefacts.

Dressing for an Ethiopian trance vigil


A mystical Islamic ceremony, known as a Hadra, requires that Westerners forgo their jeans in favour of more traditional garb.

Living In

Living in... great cities for history and ancient ruins


These five cities are pieces of living history, where the past is not only present in everyday life, but tangible in myriad forms.
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A new dawn rises over Luxor’s Valley of the Queens


Queen Nefertari, known as one of the most beautiful women in history, still inspires after 3,000 years, with her tomb giving wondrous insight into the art and beliefs of Ancient Egypt.

Madagascar's labyrinth of stone

A massive limestone formation runs through the African island’s largely unexplored Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, which shelters some of the world’s most diverse wildlife.

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