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A blank canvas for Vancouver

The Flats, the Canadian city’s newest art district, is luring visitors and locals with some of the city’s most exciting galleries and exhibition spaces.
Read more… 06 November 2013

Canada’s creative island escape

A trip to the tranquil Southern Gulf Islands is one of the most popular ways to tap into a chilled-out British Columbia vibe.
Read more… 07 August 2013


Bard hits the beach in Vancouver

Running daily until 14 September, the annual Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival is a hotly anticipated and rather unique summer tradition.
Read more… 21 June 2013

Living In

Living in... cities of the future

Showcasing the cutting edge of urban planning, these five metropolises may help determine the way we will live, now and in decades beyond.
Read more… 19 June 2013

Canada’s spectacular ‘Castles of the North’

Built to echo the romance of European citadels, these historic railway hotels recall a time when packing dozens of trunks and a butler or two was the only way to travel.
Read more… 07 May 2013


Rain art drops into Vancouver

Running until 14 April, a new exhibition embraces the region’s tempestuous weather and uses technology to respond to varying degrees of rainfall.
Read more… 20 March 2013

Beyond the Headlines

The origins of ice sculpting

The practice of transforming ice into something beautiful has been around for thousands of years, and wows travellers today with impressive sculpting competitions around the world.
Read more… 17 January 2013

Worldwide Weird

Toronto’s shoe museum has sole

From Queen Victoria’s dancing slippers to socks made from human hair, the Bata Shoe Museum displays a well-heeled history through some of the world’s most fascinating footwear.
Read more… 18 September 2012

Canada’s most beautifully built city

Québec City, the capital of French-speaking Canada, is full of European architecture that remains untouched by time.
Read more… 07 June 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Vancouver, show business’s ‘Maple-wood’

Film and television fans can get into the action in the third largest production centre in North America.
Read more… 29 April 2011

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