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In Russia, contemporary art explodes from Soviet shackles

The former Soviet Union saw self-expression as a threat. But in today’s Russia, a modern art scene is emerging from underground – at the government’s invitation.
Read more… 23 February 2014

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Inside the Kremlin walls

On the 400th anniversary of the Romanovs, Russia’s dynasty of tsars, explore the often grave and sometimes amusing history of Moscow’s fortified city centre.
Read more… 10 May 2013

Europe’s most amazing fountains

These works of art incorporate both function and fantasy by manipulating the most basic of life forces -- water and gravity -- with emotionally moving results.
05 July 2012

The Passport blog

Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre returns

The Bolshoi, the most famous theatre in the world, opens its doors after an elaborate refit.
Read more… 12 January 2012

Remnants of Russia’s past

Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, its epic history lives on in the buildings and monuments of Moscow, inspiring both awe and nostalgia.
Read more… 24 November 2011

The legacy of the Soviet Union

Trace Moscow’s Soviet past along Lenin’s footsteps.
24 November 2011

Contemporary creative Moscow

The Russian capital is a hotbed of creative energy, as artists are enjoying unprecedented freedom.
Read more… 03 August 2010

Lonely Planet's top 10 Moscow attractions

Russia’s capital is experiencing a burst of inspired energy. From artistry and history to recreation and procreation, Moscow is definitely a cauldron of creativity.
Read more… 03 August 2010

Moscow's Red Square

The vast, rectangular stretch of cobblestones, surrounded by architectural marvels, is jaw-dropping gorgeous.
Read more… 03 August 2010

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