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The best beaches of the Philippines

The stunning archipelago of more than 7,000 islands is generating buzz as an alternative to South East Asian beach hotspots like Bali and southern Thailand.
28 May 2012

Tanzania’s overlooked coastline

Although Zanzibar is famous for its turquoise waters and crystal-white sand, Tanzania’s southeastern seaboard has everything that the beach paradise can offer -- minus the crowds.
Read more… 24 May 2012

Unspoilt southern Thailand by train

Not far from the country’s tourist-packed resorts, daily trains from Bangkok glide serenely past ancient royal retreats, Buddhist cities, tropical forests and deserted seashores.
Read more… 23 May 2012

Cambodia’s endangered paradise

Koh Rong, an unspoiled island getaway with turquoise-green waters, powder-white beaches and untouched fishing villages, is being threatened by development.
Read more… 07 May 2012

Uruguay’s laid-back surfing devil

Surfers flock to the former fishing village of Punta del Diablo for some of the continent’s most uninterrupted swell, where just about all there is to do is focus on the waves.
Read more… 16 April 2012

Perfect Trip

The perfect trip: Thailand’s islands

From white beaches, towering cliffs and sea gypsies to jungles and fiery food, take a voyage around some of Thailand’s most unforgettable islands.
Read more… 12 April 2012

The secrets of Thailand’s islands

From authentic houseboats to traditional stilt huts, these white sand beaches are the place to go for those seeking hidden lagoons and a taste of local culture.
12 April 2012

Crimea, the Ukraine’s odd beach paradise

Russians flock to the Black Sea’s mountainous peninsula for the sand, shrimp and history.
Read more… 11 April 2012

Along Estonia’s Gulf of Riga coast

Discover the open skies, golden beaches and time-tested traditions of Estonia’s coastal towns.
06 April 2012

The best Caribbean hotels

These idyllic accommodations offer beachfront rooms, infinity pools, lush gardens and tranquil spas.
29 February 2012

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