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An Australian bird that mimics the sound of a chainsaw

David Attenborough watches as the superb lyrebird of southeastern Australia lures females by copying the sounds around him – including those of chainsaws and camera shutters!
Read more… 21 April 2014

Denmark discovers a new ancestry

The North Atlantic archipelago is a mystical place where Viking history mingles with Faroe folklore, sheep outnumber humans, and magical elves hide where birds come to roost.
Read more… 10 December 2013

Florida’s stunning island sanctuary

Amid the theme parks and overdeveloped beach fronts, Sanibel Island is a slow-paced, family friendly refuge that cuts against all Sunshine State stereotypes.
Read more… 04 June 2013

Birding in Zambia’s wild

Zambia's vast expanses of protected land promise real reward to any amateur ornithologist ready to reach for them.
Read more… 11 March 2013

Nebraska’s awe-inspiring crane migration

Starting in mid-February, half a million sandhill cranes turn an unassuming part of the US Midwest into the setting for one of North America’s greatest wildlife spectacles.
Read more… 14 February 2013

Where birds know no borders

Each year, one billion birds soar between Israel and the Palestinian territories, an ancient intersection where Africa, Europe and Asia meet.
Read more… 02 March 2012

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