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Part social networking site, part itinerary planner, Dayzipping allows you to create a profile and map out suggested one-day itineraries in, or day trips from, a particular destination. Other users can then rate and comment on your trip, share it with their friends, and even "follow" favourite trip-creators Twitter-style.

The road test: We kicked the Dayzipping tires by both evaluating the available itineraries in our hometown (Brooklyn) and figuring out how many and what types of trips were available in smaller cities. We created our own trip, Southern in the City, and then shared it on Facebook.

The highlights: Signup took less than two minutes and didn't require tons of invasive information. Creating trips is easy. You simply input the name of the spots you want to highlight and it automatically inputs the address and phone number, adding a pin to the map for your trip. All you need to do is write up a quick description. It's also easy to quickly locate trips relevant to the destination that you're interested in.

The speedbumps: The content can be a total crapshoot.  For example, a few trips just list a handful of spots in a city with no description of why you should visit or what's special about those places. Others list the obvious spots without really digging below the surface of the city. Content is definitely weighted towards the US, and even then some smaller cities have few if any trips created. Also, although it's easy to share your created trips on Facebook or via email, Dayzipping doesn't give you the option of sharing it on other social networking sites like Twitter.

The bottom line: We love the functionality of Dayzipping.  It just might take a little while for them to build up enough content to have a suitably rich database. Now, off to submit a few more trips to help them along!

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