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Hurricanes expected to hit hard, beach town creates a criticized tourism job, Ryanair adds a fee and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Hurricane season anticipated to surpass intensity of last season
Those planning summer vacations might want to opt for a non-beach destination, or at least one away from Caribbean and US coasts. The Hurricane Center is predicting about 15 tropical storms for the season, Sherman's Travel reports. Eight of those 15 are expected to become hurricanes, and three, possibly more, to become "major hurricanes". While 19 tropical storms formed near the US in 2010, meteorologist expect this season's storms will hit US coasts harder.

Ryanair tacks on two-euro fee, contemplates child-free flights
It's yet another add-on fee from Ryanair! This one, a two-euro passenger fee, takes effect on all reservations beginning 4 April. Ryanair, Europe's largest short-flight carrier, enacted the fee to make up for money lost during past incidents and cancellations "outside of its control". The airline lost more than 100 million euros last year during unanticipated events such as last year's Icelandic volcano explosion.

Ryanair also "officially" announced yesterday that they will start offering child-free flights in October, but considering the timing, some think it's an April Fools marketing ploy.

Seaside town creates beach trip organizer job
Residents of the coastal town of Thanet, England all live within a few miles of the water, but the town council recently appointed someone with a salary of £39,000 per year to organize beach trips for locals. City officials created the newfangled job after discovering some children in town had never visited the beach, the Daily Mail reports. Unsurprisingly, residents have been highly critical of the new government position, which pays a salary of £14,000 above the national average and is funded by a £98,000 United Kingdom Big Lottery Fund grant.

"We are now over 17% of the world population, and India is 2.4% of the world's surface area. We have added the population of Brazil to India's numbers this time."

-India's Census Commissioner, C. Chandramouli, in The Washington Post article, India adds 181 million people in a decade. The census figures also indicate a societal preference for male children over females. The ratio of girls to boys ages six and below is now 914 to 1,000, the lowest ever in the country's history, according to the article.

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter and publish a standout travel tweet.

"On plane to LA for 24 hours. Literally In-and-Out. Might need to have In-n-Out just to commemorate the day. #YUM"


On Twitter, the ELLE Magazine creative director's location is listed as "NYC. LA. Airplanes."

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