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La Sagrada Família evacuated because of fire, an air traffic controller slips up with the First Lady’s flight, a medieval town is on the market and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

La Sagrada Família evacuated because of fire
Antoni Gaudí's grand, unfinished masterpiece la Sagrada Família was evacuated yesterday after someone intentionally ignited a fire in the basement of the basilica. About 1,700 people were forced to leave the church, which is one of Barcelona's top tourist sites, though the landmark re-opened for visitors later that day. The fire did cause damage to the church's sacristy, according to MSNBC. Here's hoping the incident doesn't delay completion of the church even further.

Medieval Italian town for sale
Some £485,000 could buy you a flat in London - or a medieval Italian town. The village is Valle Piolla, located in the Abruzzo region's Gran Sasso national park, and the local council and a man who owns a portion of the town's 11 buildings are selling it in its entirety because they lack the money to fund restoration work or protect it from vandals, The Telegraph reports.

One conceivable outcome for the village, which dates back to as early as 1059, is for the purchaser to develop it as an "albergo diffuso", or "scattered hotel", a concept Italian-Swedish entrepreneur Daniele Kihlgren invented with another historic Abruzzo town: San Stefano.  

Michelle Obama's plane forced to abort landing
A White House plane with US First Lady Michelle Obama on board was forced to abort landing after it dangerously neared a 200-ton military jet, and officials say an air traffic controller is to blame. The story gives the already busy Federal Aviation Administration yet another case to investigate.

The mega retweet
We scour Twitter to highlight a standout travel tweet.

"Business class passenger asked a flight attendant to wrap up half of her meal to go. Just a Doggy bag in the sky or sign of the times?" -@Heather_Poole

The flight attendant and Gadling blogger followed up that tweet with one about a different business class passenger inquiring about extra balsamic vinaigrette bottles to take home. Perhaps people are looking for creative ways to cut costs, especially in light of rising gas prices in the US.


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