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Greece's airports and ferries will be disrupted by strikes during the next two days, American Airlines defends its new "random" boarding process, Queen Mary 2 fails a sanitation inspection, travellers get an easier way to access wi-fi, and more. Here are the stories travellers are buzzing about:

Greece faces strike-related travel disruption
Starting this morning, Athens's Larnaca Airport will be shut down for hours at a time during the next two days, with air traffic controllers joining the country's train, bus and ferry workers in strikes, reports the Sofia Echo. "In Athens, the metro will be the only form of public transport which will work so as to allow Athenians to join the planned protests in the capital," reports BBC News. Lawmakers are debating a fresh round of austerity reforms that are aimed to win the country more rescue loans needed to avoid bankruptcy within weeks.

Queen Mary 2 branded "filthy" in snap inspection
While docked in New York City on 10 June, Cunard's Queen Mary 2 cruise ship failed a surprise inspection by the US government's Center for Disease Control. Inspectors gave the ship an "unsatisfactory" score, using the word "filthy" five times in the report, reports Travel Weekly. A Cunard spokesperson says all of the issues raised involved only a small portion of the ship and were corrected right away. You can find US sanitation reports for any cruise ship at the CDC website.

American Airlines defends its new boarding system
For American Airlines passengers flying in the US, boarding a plane has become more of a scramble in the past two months, as the airline has replaced back-to-front boarding of their planes with a new system that allows the first passengers to check in to be the first to board their planes. Near-random boarding is 5% to 10% faster than "zone" boarding, according to an airline study reported by the LA Times yesterday. But the Association of Professional Flight Attendants complains that the new process demands more work of flight crews. 

Boingo teams up with GoGo on offering wi-fi
The two major providers of wi-fi in the US have now teamed up, so users of Boingo can log in with  their username and password and use Gogo in-flight wi-fi. Boingo provides access to more than 325,000 hotspots worldwide, including many airports. Gogo delivers wi-fi on more than 1,100 aircraft, including many American, Delta, Virgin America and United flights, as noted by PC Magazine.

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