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Conjunction junction, what's your function? Hooking up escapees with an A+ getaway to Florida from Adventures Unlimited.

If recess is your favourite subject, you're going to ace this vacation. Grab a fellow classmate for three nights at the Schoolhouse Inn, and days packed with adventure on Coldwater Creek for $488. Your escape also includes a gift basket with free lunch vouchers for two.

You'll feel like the teacher's pet in one of the Inn's cosy guest rooms, but you aren't here to linger indoors. Pack your backpack for your included five-hour Ultimate Zip Adventure, soaring through the forest and over the water on a network of 14 ziplines. The following day, class continues with a flight session on the three-hour Taste of the Tours. 

Think of these two zip trips as extreme forms of show and tell — your experienced guides will show you Florida from an exciting new perspective and then you tell your jealous friends about how much fun it was.

Consider your paddle down Coldwater Creek, with your included kayak rental, a lesson in Biology 101. You and your partner will take a 4- to 15-mile field trip past acres of untouched forests, during which you'll spot abundant wildlife and maybe learn a thing or two about the ecosystem.

If you can squeeze in more outdoor fun before the bell rings, Adventures Unlimited also offers challenging ropes courses as well as tubing, canoeing and fishing for additional fees. 

Once you graduate from this adventure, escape is sure to be your new favourite verb.

Escape kit

  • A three-night stay for two at the Schoolhouse Inn
  • Five-hour Ultimate Zip Adventure for two
  • Three-hour Taste of the Tours zip adventure for two
  • Kayak rental for two
  • Adventures gift basket for two including free lunch vouchers
  • Book by 20 September

For details and to reserve your stay, visit LivingSocial Escapes.



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