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Watch (don’t mimic) a man backflip off the roof of a hotel, narrowly avoiding a cliff and the floor of the shallow sea below, a short film answers a longtime travel mystery, hotels ban men from certain floors, and more. Here are the stories that travellers are buzzing about:

Crash kills 28 in Papau New Guineau
The plane was flying from Lae to the resort hub of Madang when it crashed in a remote jungle as the result of violent weather, the Guardian reports. Only four survived the plane wreck, including the two pilots. Most of the passengers were parents on their way to their children's university graduation ceremony in Madang, according to the Australian Associated Press news agency.

This is what English sounds like to the foreign ear

Everybody has their opinions about the sound of foreign languages — romantic, funny or downright ugly (we won't name names). And anyone who has spent time abroad listening to unintelligible foreign tongues has probably wondered how English sounds to the natives. The short film Skwerl tries to answer that question by employing a rather convincing brand of gibberish with a few English words thrown in.

Heathrow fined for security queues
London's main airport was forced to pay a penalty totalling £500,000 after an audit found that a higher proportion of passengers in July waited longer than five minutes at Terminal 5 security than in previous months, the Independent reports. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, month-long independent checks at Heathrow and Gatwick revealed that passengers queued for longer than the airports had reported in previous months.

Women-only floors make a comeback
An increasing number of hotels in the US, Singapore, Denmark and Canada are featuring female-only floors, often at a premium price, MSNBC reports. A sense of security and feelings of increased hygiene are among the reasons women have said they would prefer staying on a floor strictly for women. Others just enjoy the extra amenities, like flat and curling irons, emergency kits with nylons and extra-large showerheads.

Recklessness or courage?
Well, it probably takes a little bit of both to do a backflip off the roof of a hotel, narrowly avoiding a cliff and the floor of the shallow sea below. We don't endorse the questionable decision of a man jumping off this hotel rooftop, but fortunately this incident made for an entertaining video instead of a tragic story. All that's missing from the video is the backflipper's proclamation that he is a golden god.  


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