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This weekend, Fast Track on BBC World News TV featured the following stories:

Child sex tourism - Child protection charities are warning that sex tourism is spreading with an estimated 250,000 people travelling abroad for sex with minors every year. In the past, a lack of cross border legal co-operation has helped many paedophiles escape justice, but as Rajan Datar reports the police, charities and the travel industry are now increasingly working together to crack down on the problem.

Online check-in - Carmen Roberts tries out the app that can help find last minute hotel deals if you've left it late to book a room. Plus, the site where you can share holiday discounts with your friends. This and more with the best of travel on the world wide web.

Morocco Movie - The new film about Jack Kerouac - On the Road - takes us back into the angst ridden, hard drinking and living world of the Beat generation poets. One place you might not necessarily connect with this group of era-shaping American writers is Tangier. Yet Jack Kerouac and most of the other Beats all went to this northern Morocco port town and together they left it with a curious literary heritage, as Sylvia Smith reports.

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