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Last week, we called upon our Facebook community to help Charlotte Evans with her upcoming move to China. She said, “I'm moving to Shanghai in July and am looking forward to the big city environment. However, I would love to do some fun, nature-type excursions on weekends. What would you recommend?”

Here is some of the advice we received from our travel community:

From Hana Alberts: “Definitely check out Moganshan. There's a luxury resort called Naked Stables but also a lot of other relaxing, getaway-type places for weekenders. Expect lots of hiking, tea plantations, and more!”

From Steve Zhang: “You can take a short flight to Zhoushan. It’s a wonderful island city and the seafood is fresh and delicious. I also recommend Suzhou, an ancient city. You will surely enjoy the lifestyle there. Have a good time in Shanghai.”

From Robin Mason: “Hangzhou West Lake.”

From Eugene Projectpixel: “Day trip in Zhujiajiao. [It is] close to Shanghai and not as crowded as the other water village. You can buy the admission ticket for 80 renminbi, and this covers all of the sights inside the village [such as the] City God Temple, Y-Art Gallery, Shanghai Qianhua Art Gallery and Shanghai Handicraft Exhibition Hall. This also includes a short boat ride.”

From Shinn Teo: “Here are possible places to go to since they are near Shanghai: Zhujiajiao, Hangzhou (West Lake), Suzhou, Huangshan and Wuzhen.”

From Cintia Machado: “I also recommend going to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)! It's not so near – 12 hours by train – but totally worth it! One of the best, if not the best, scene I've seen here in China, and don't forget the Great Wall!”

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