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Getting your money’s worth in business class

If getting a good night’s sleep on your flight is critical, learn how to get the true lie-flat seats.
Read more… 12 September 2011

The Passport blog

Where to find the best autumn travel deals

Look in the five places where business travellers aren’t
Read more… 07 September 2011

The Passport blog

Business travel outlook for autumn

Predictions and advice for airline and hotel rates as the business travel season kicks off.
Read more… 06 September 2011

The Passport blog

Five needed business travel innovations

From finding a hotel to booking a car, these new products found creative solutions to problems that many business travellers face.
Read more… 31 August 2011

Business Trip

Business trip: Sydney

A city insulated from the global financial crises, with great hotels, a gorgeous harbour, Mediterranean climate and a sophisticated food and wine scene.
Read more… 26 August 2011

The Passport blog

Hotel car fleets go green

Hotels are putting their new vehicles to a sustainable road test.
Read more… 24 August 2011

The Passport blog

Extra! Extra! Newspaper delivery fading in hotels

As travellers increasingly get a digital dose of morning news, cash-strapped hotels are debating the need to offer free morning newspapers.
Read more… 18 August 2011

Business Trip

Business trip: Hong Kong

For centuries, the cosmopolitan city has been a financial and commercial hub for Southeast Asia.
Read more… 17 August 2011

Beyond the Headlines

In-flight entertainment at a crossroads

Could the increased use of portable devices mean the end of traditional in-flight entertainment?
Read more… 10 August 2011

Beyond the Headlines

New developments in making calls overseas affordable

Recently released services and apps attempt to solve the age-old traveller dilemma of mobile “bill shock”.
Read more… 04 August 2011

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