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Getting compensation when a trip goes wrong

When a travel provider hinders your vacation, here is advice for taking the first step toward resolution.
Read more… 20 June 2011

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Business trip: Cape Town

New hotels, dining options and more for an increasing number of business travellers capitalizing on growing opportunities in technology, winemaking, tourism and shipping.
Read more… 20 June 2011

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Babies vs business travellers: Who is more annoying?

How to negotiate a deal with the smallest of airline passengers
Read more… 15 June 2011

Prescriptions for jet lag

The pills and products to help you adjust to flying across time zones.
Read more… 13 June 2011

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The business travel benefits of cloud computing

For travellers bogged down with multiple electronic devices, cloud computing could lead to lighter, safer, easier access to the files you need while on the road.
Read more… 10 June 2011

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Would you give up your mobile phone?

While the debate over the possible link between mobile phones and cancer rages, there is no doubting the positive link between mobile phones and business travel.
Read more… 06 June 2011

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Paying the price for foreign transactions

A frequent traveller who spends $50,000 a year in other countries can end up paying a $1,500 in bank fees. Here's how to avoid hefty credit card fees.
Read more… 02 June 2011

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Hotels add private airport lounges

When you touch down on the tiny air strip off the coast of Puerto Rico known as the Vieques airport, chances are you’ll be in need of a cold drink (those planes are tiny). And if...
Read more… 30 May 2011

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Decoding airline sizes

Choosing a flight based on the aircraft – and not just the price – can make a big difference when it comes to personal comfort.
Read more… 23 May 2011

Business Trip

Business Trip: New York

Where should the corporate set eat, sleep and play? The queen of “In-the-Know” sheds light on the city’s best.
Read more… 16 May 2011

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