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Equal rights for air travellers outside the US and EU?

New passenger rights and regulations in the EU and US better protect airline passengers, but governmental intervention is less consistent elsewhere.
Read more… 05 May 2011

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Weakening US dollar may affect summer travel plans

If exchange rates remain the same, a weak dollar could keep more Americans at home and the US could become a bargain destination for visitors from countries with stronger currencies.
Read more… 27 April 2011

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Transatlantic summer travel

How to find a deal as economy airfares between the United States and Europe reach record highs.
Read more… 25 April 2011

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US strengthens airline passenger rights

A broad range of new or enhanced consumer protections, including greater compensation for involuntarily bumped passengers, will go into effect in September.
Read more… 21 April 2011

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Business trip: Barcelona

The diverse, colourful, convenient city is one of those destinations that always makes business travellers smile when they learn they have an assignment there.
Read more… 18 April 2011

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More flights allow mobile calls

Air New Zealand joins several other airlines, such as Emirates and TAP Air Portugal, that use picocell technology to allow mobile voice calls on certain flights.
Read more… 13 April 2011

Drawing on Experience

Drawing on experience: In flight

Have book and pen, will travel.
Read more… 12 April 2011

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The air travel experience is improving (seriously!)

In a recent survey, 71% of people think that the overall travel experience is better today than it was 10 years ago.
Read more… 06 April 2011

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Is upscale business travel back?

As the global economy warms up, posh business travel creeps back.
Read more… 28 March 2011

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The state of travel to Japan

As the situation in Japan improves, should business travellers return?
Read more… 23 March 2011

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