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Business Trip

Business trip: Las Vegas

Business travellers either love or loathe this desert fantasyland of gargantuan hotels, gigantic convention halls, cavernous casinos and massive meals.
Read more… 05 November 2012

Business Trip

Business trip: Chicago

With a number of high profile hotels under construction, a central US location with extensive airline service and plenty of world class restaurants, the Windy City is booming.
Read more… 22 October 2012

The Passport blog

Tablets invade the travel sphere

Tablet computers are revolutionising the travel industry, from improving the in-flight experience to making high-end meals more interactive.
Read more… 11 October 2012

Four authentic Asian layovers

In Seoul, Narita, Singapore and Bangkok, airport layovers offer affordable cultural experiences that act as escape routes from the overpriced tedium of standard airport venues.
Read more… 09 October 2012

Business Trip

Business trip: Toronto

No longer a quiet Canadian town, this emerging capital of commerce is now a sparkling, bustling metropolis of 2.8 million people that feels more like Dubai or Shanghai.
Read more… 08 October 2012

The Passport blog

Airport avatars offer travel advice

Virtual assistants -- life-sized hologram projections -- are being introduced at airports and borders around the globe in a bid to help travellers make their journeys more efficient.
Read more… 27 September 2012

Business Trip

Business trip: Paris

To this day, the City of Light remains the world’s most visited city — and nearly half of those visitors are there on business.
Read more… 24 September 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Seven innovations in air travel

The latest wave of air travel technology recognises that not all travellers are the same and aims to streamline the air passenger experience.
Read more… 30 August 2012

The Passport blog

Combating the world’s rising hotel rates

Road warriors are finding ways to curb expenses as hotel prices in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and North America continue to climb.
Read more… 30 August 2012

The Passport blog

Corporate rail travel on the rise

Business travel is more commonly associated with airlines than trains, but rail travel is healthy across the globe and will likely grow as countries invest in high-speed networks.
Read more… 16 August 2012

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