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Asia’s international hotel boom

Due to the increase in domestic demand, the Asia-Pacific region is seeing an influx in development by international chains, such as Starwood, Hilton and Marriott.
Read more… 14 May 2012

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Golf trips are teeing off strong

Extensive global television coverage and keen pricing are helping golf tourism bounce back from the global economic downturn.
Read more… 07 May 2012

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Business trip: San Francisco

Business travellers lucky enough to be visiting the Bay Area city find the restaurants, hotels, airport and public transportation are “all good”.
Read more… 24 April 2012

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Business travel gives back

Giving has never been easier for road warriors, thanks to several companies that are keen to counteract their environmental impact and donate to charitable causes.
Read more… 11 April 2012

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In Asia, a boom in low-cost flights

The large Asian population, combined with a rapidly developing middle class in a period of economic growth, is spurring demand for more and cheaper flights.
Read more… 02 April 2012

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Business trip: Seoul

The South Korean capital city, awash in economic exuberance, is developing as a design, fashion and technology centre, and breaking out as a key business hub.
Read more… 14 March 2012

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More space for carry-on bags

As more passengers carry bags on board to avoid rampant checked-baggage fees, airlines are increasing the size of the overhead luggage bins to help ease congestion.
Read more… 09 March 2012

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Braving the booming business travel markets

Corporate travellers from ailing economies are facing pressure to do business in the booming developing world, where their tightened budgets do not measure up to sky high prices.
Read more… 29 February 2012

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Business trip: London

The buzz surrounding this summer’s high-profile events will be painful for bargain-seeking business travellers, as demand rises for hotels and transport.
Read more… 28 February 2012

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Should cars be a mobile-free space?

In the US, a recent increase in accidents caused by distracted driving may lead to a total ban on mobile phone use behind the wheel — including hands-free or voice activated devices.
Read more… 06 February 2012

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