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An insider’s guide to maximizing a business trip’s potential, for readers who want to do more than see the inside of a board room when they travel.

Business trip: Montreal

The second largest French-speaking city on the planet stands out from the pack with its mix of Euro-chic, urban ambiance and small town neighbourhoods.

Business trip: San Diego

With a laid back atmosphere, a near perfect climate and an abundance of new hotels, the Southern California city has practically perfected the combination of business and pleasure.

Plan the perfect business trip

Wow your associates with local know-how and expert suggestions on the top hotels, restaurants and off-the-clock activities in more than 30 destinations around the globe.

Business trip: Helsinki

Finland’s capital is one of Northern Europe’s most important economic centres, combining a key geographic position with a taste of Finnish culture.

Business trip: Abu Dhabi

Though the city is still very much a work in progress, it is a prime example of the “build it and they will come” strategy that is sweeping across the United Arab Emirates.

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