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Discover a destination through the people who call it home.

Voices of Neukölln, Berlin

Neukölln has gone from being a rough-and-tumble working-class district of Berlin to a hugely hyped hub of expats and artists, rife with retail experiments and trendy bars.

Voices of Havana, Cuba

One of the most iconic and romanticised cities in the world, Havana reveals many varying faces when you scratch beneath the surface and hang out with the Habaneros.

Share your favourite hometown haunts

Places are defined by the people who live there, so we want you to submit photos of the places you love the most. After all, who knows your neck of the woods better than you?

Voices of Tallinn, Estonia

One of the first cities to shake off its Soviet shackles, Tallinn’s beautifully preserved city is full of architectural, coastal and cultural delights.

Voices of Varanasi, India

One of Hinduism’s holiest, the north Indian city draws travellers from around the world seeking spiritual peace.

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