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The world’s last great wilderness

Antarctica is the coldest, highest, loneliest place on Earth, and for many it is the trip of a lifetime.
21 December 2012

Peru's lost world

Stretching 6,400km through South America, the mighty Amazon harbours mystical legends that lure travellers deeper into the jungle.
13 December 2012

Surf and turf gambling in the Bahamas

A casino-hopping tour around the islands is the perfect way to kick back, relax and have some offshore fun.
Read more… 10 December 2012

The Galápagos Islands, a land untouched

Ecuador’s famous archipelago is still a place where animals have the right of way, the exotic is accessible and the pages of a magazine come to life.
Read more… 29 November 2012

Riverboats return to the Mississippi

After a four-year absence, there are now two paddle wheelers plying the muddy Mississippi River, taking visitors on a long, slow journey through US history.
Read more… 22 November 2012

Life in the fragile, frozen Arctic

Despite increased tourism and rising temperatures, the Arctic’s stunning landscape of crashing glaciers and elusive wildlife is still largely ruled by ice.
Read more… 20 September 2012

Exploring Bangkok’s canals

Known as the “Venice of the East” during much of the 19th Century, the waterways that still crisscross the Thai capital serve as living cultural and historical relics.
Read more… 29 August 2012

Worldwide Weird

Belgium’s bathtub regatta

On 15 August every year, participants vie to create the most impressive bathtub-based craft and compete in the 1km Régate de Baignoires down the Meuse River in Dinant.
Read more… 07 August 2012

The Passport blog

Australia’s humpback highway

The winter period of June to August is rush hour off the coast of Sydney as thousands of whales migrate from Antarctica to sub-tropical breeding grounds.
Read more… 02 August 2012

Cruising Finland’s lakes

The country’s more than 180,000 lakes are transformed during summer to a glistening patchwork of waterways, studded with islands and bordered by forests.
Read more… 16 July 2012

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