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Hong Kong’s dragon boat festivities

The Tuen Ng Festival on 23 June is celebrated by racing elaborately-decorated dragon boats in waterways across the Chinese territory, as well as with glutinous rice dumplings.
Read more… 22 June 2012

Utility covers around the world

From Washington DC to Tel Aviv, there is industrial beauty and history embedded in some of the city’s most overlooked features.
21 June 2012

Worldwide Weird

Maine’s moose calling championship

During the three-day event, 50,000 applicants will replicate the eerie sound a moose makes during mating season in the hope of winning one of the few available hunting permits.
Read more… 19 June 2012

Touring the American Southwest in a cowboy’s boots

From outlaws and ghost towns to horse riding and boot shopping, this informative, historic and culinary trip goes back to the Old West in eight states.
Read more… 15 June 2012

Virginia’s colonial-era river adventure

The James River Batteaux Festival is a 120-mile-long, eight-day, time-travel boat ride re-enacting a nearly forgotten era of local trade.
14 June 2012

The Passport blog

Human pyramids in Catalonia

On summer weekends, daring “castellers” construct extraordinary human towers in Barcelona’s city centre.
Read more… 14 June 2012

Worldwide Weird

International Yarn Bombing Day

The world will be covered in string this Saturday (9 June) as ambitious knitters cover public structures such as benches, pay stations or trees in crocheted patterns.
Read more… 05 June 2012

Tanzania’s overlooked coastline

Although Zanzibar is famous for its turquoise waters and crystal-white sand, Tanzania’s southeastern seaboard has everything that the beach paradise can offer -- minus the crowds.
Read more… 24 May 2012

A visitor’s guide to the Diamond Jubilee

This June, a 1,000-boat flotilla, a chain of 3,000 lights and other glamorous pageants will mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne. Here is a primer for the weekend’s events.
Read more… 22 May 2012

The Passport blog

Whisky endeavours on the Isle of Islay

Raise a glass this May to the island’s famous export during the weeklong Islay Festival of Music and Malt.
Read more… 21 May 2012

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