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Beyond the Headlines

Karaoke in the Philippines

The art of vocal mimicry is a national pastime in the Southeast Asian country.
Read more… 12 August 2011

Qatar’s culture heartbeat, if you can find it

The new cultural village of Katara has options for families, foodies and patrons of the arts.
Read more… 04 August 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Chile’s literary and musical past

Follow in the footsteps of Pablo Neruda, Victor Jara and Gabriela Mistral to find a closer connection to the country’s present.
Read more… 22 July 2011

The Passport blog

The Dutch beach library

In a town just outside Amsterdam, summer reading has come to the sun worshippers.
Read more… 20 July 2011

The Passport blog

Denmark’s double-sized salute to the King

Elvis’s home is recreated in the middle of – where else? – Denmark
Read more… 20 June 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Religious tourism etiquette

Do’s and don’ts for visiting temples, mosques and churches.
Read more… 17 June 2011

Bloomsday in photos: Joyce's Dublin

Every year on 16 June -- the date chronicled in James Joyce’s Ulysses -- fans recreate its scenes throughout Dublin.
16 June 2011

Mini Guide

Mini guide to Normandy, France

Normandy—famous for the D-Day Landings and fortified Mount St-Michel—also offers pastoral landscapes, small fishing ports and a dramatic coastline.
Read more… 19 May 2011

Vestiges of historical Dubai

As the city focuses on sustaining growth, it has made preserving its historical sites a priority.
Read more… 17 May 2011

Elizabethan drama and iconic theatres

The proliferation of purpose-built playhouses in London was to change the face of drama in the later Elizabethan period.
Read more… 10 May 2011

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