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Roll cameras! Visiting Venice for the film festival

The prestigious Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world; it has been running annually since 1932.
Read more… 23 February 2011

Fictional Footsteps

The Windy City on film

Discover Chicago through the movies made there.
22 February 2011

Top five parties at the 2011 Venice Carnevale

Raise your glasses and loosen your corsets: Venice Carnevale offers an extra weekend of parties in 2011, extending the city's marathon pre-Lent celebrations to three weeks.
Read more… 18 February 2011

The world’s messiest festivals

Around the world, celebrators pummel each other with over-ripe tomatoes, engage in flash mob pillow fights, hurl multicoloured flour and turn chainsaws into noise-makers.
Read more… 18 February 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Weird ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

From time-tested traditions to quirky events, some odd ways to celebrate the romantic holiday around the world this year.
Read more… 14 February 2011

Chopin’s Warsaw

To fully understand Poland you must understand the classical composer Frederic Chopin.
Read more… 09 February 2011

Guam: The best place you never considered going to

The US territory may be hard to reach, but once you get there you will love the beaches and be surprised by the great food.
Read more… 07 February 2011

Portland, Oregon’s Art Deco movie houses

In an age of streaming video and mailed-to-home DVDs, the city has managed to build an audience with key improvements to the classic movie house experience.
Read more… 07 February 2011

High spirits in Bali

Bali is an island of magic and demons, of haunting ceremonies and a welcome enshrined in the beliefs of every village.
Read more… 20 January 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Los Angeles, master of disguise

Ten movie scenes you probably did not know were shot in LA.
Read more… 07 January 2011

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