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The ancient Spanish ritual of baby jumping

A centuries-old tradition held each June in the small town of Castrillo de Murcia involves jumping over mattresses of baptised infants to cleanse their original sin.
18 June 2013

Jaffa, an Israeli city in flux

The 4,000-year old port is experiencing a cultural regeneration, but as the bohemians, boutiques and bistros move in, the secular city is striving to preserve its down-to-earth charm.
Read more… 17 June 2013

Exploring Ethiopia’s homespun museum

Lonely Planet author Katharina Kane travels to the ancient Muslim city of Harar to meet a man who has dedicated his life to collecting and preserving precious Ethiopian artefacts.
05 June 2013

Dressing for an Ethiopian trance vigil

A mystical Islamic ceremony, known as a Hadra, requires that Westerners forgo their jeans in favour of more traditional garb.
05 June 2013

The road to Nong Khiaw

Follow Tony Wheeler as he takes a break from the road, stopping in a small Laos village to learn about the local handicraft traditions, from weaving to making conical straw hats.
31 May 2013

Exploring the Pak Ou Caves

On assignment to Laos for the first time since the 1970s, Tony Wheeler heads up the Mekong to investigate the thousands of Buddhist sculptures found in these spectacular caves.
29 May 2013


A night at Paris’ museums

On 18 May, more than 150 museums and cultural spaces will open their doors at sunset for a free, fresh look at the capital’s cultural heritage.
Read more… 17 May 2013

Mini Guide

Mini guide to culture in Seville

Its mixed architecture and celebrated flamenco make Andalucía’s largest city one of passion, history and irresistible charm.
Read more… 16 May 2013

The Passport blog

A spectacular homecoming for Argentine theatre

From 22 May through 7 July, experimental theatre company Fuerza Bruta returns to Buenos Aires with its internationally successful show, Wayra.
Read more… 15 May 2013

Driving through Canada’s Acadian history

Adjacent to Quebec is the Maritimes, a vibrant Francophone colony with a dark past and a unique modern-day culture that has only recently opened up to travellers.
Read more… 14 May 2013

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