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New life in Krakow's Jewish quarter

Kazimierz, a neighbourhood that used to resemble an open-air Jewish heritage museum, has seen an influx of new businesses and cultural centres that celebrate the area’s heritage daily.
Read more… 07 February 2013

On the road: Moscow, Russia

Explore the marble floors and mosaics of the city’s Metro stations, buy a matryoshka doll souvenir and visit the beautiful Red Square and its iconic centerpiece, St Basil’s Cathedral.
06 February 2013

Nine culture-filled weekends in Europe

Delve deeper into the corners of the continent that helped inspire writers, musicians, artists and Vikings.
Read more… 05 February 2013


Rome’s carnival of horses

Running from 2 to 12 February, Rome’s recently revamped Carnival has become a highlight on the city’s calendar, especially for fans of equestrian sport.
Read more… 01 February 2013

Travelling back in time through Bangkok’s Chinatown

This vibrant hub in the Thai capital has hardly changed in several decades, making it an excellent place to catch a glimpse of what life was like in the 1960s, ‘50s and even the ‘20s.
Read more… 30 January 2013


Celebrate Lunar New Year in New York City

Experience the most important holiday in Chinese culture with citywide events throughout February.
Read more… 28 January 2013

Serbia's seductive charms

While neighbours Croatia, Hungary and Romania teem with Euro-trippers, intrepid types are veering off- track to discover Serbia's lively and low-budget attractions.
22 January 2013

Transylvania’s medieval tradition

From the Romanian region’s antiquated architecture to its still-thriving folklore, explore Vlad Dracula’s native land and beyond.
18 January 2013

Mystical tales from Transylvania

Stories of werewolves, witches and vampires still swirl among the peaks and forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Be guided through the country’s myths and legends by a Romanian count.
Read more… 18 January 2013

The Passport blog

Israel’s controversial King Herod exhibition

Starting 13 February, the exhibition on the King of Judea in Jerusalem’s Israel Museum proves that even archaeology is a flashpoint in Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Read more… 18 January 2013

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