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The origins of bathhouse culture around the world

Starting as early as the Neolithic Age, the tradition of the public bath has changed over the years to adapt to evolving cultures and social norms.
Read more… 30 November 2012

Reviving Chile's Andean heritage

An ambitious initiative to restore 31 adobe missions near the Bolivian border is helping to revitalise the fading indigenous culture and open up the region to travellers.
Read more… 30 November 2012

Going global in Doha

Like the Emirates before it, oil-rich Qatar is building a desert paradise for visitors with a variety of openings that would raise an eyebrow in New York, let alone in the Middle East.
Read more… 26 November 2012

India’s festival of lights

India’s jam-packed festival calendar is as rich and diverse as its traditions and topography, and Diwali is the star of the show.
Read more… 13 November 2012

Garífuna life in Belize

Despite being declared endangered by the United Nations, there are still vibrant communities of Garinagu people along Belize’s southern coast.
12 November 2012

Seville’s legendary flamenco scene

With Unesco recently listing flamenco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, here are some of the best places to see the precious art in the land of its genesis.
Read more… 08 November 2012

Under-the-radar cultural destinations

For every well-trodden favourite there is a lesser-known city worth discovering.
06 November 2012

Dublin’s chilly tradition

Year round, Dubliners can be found plunging into the icy Irish Sea for a mind-awakening swim, both to improve their immune system and to ward off the effects of a few too many pints.
Read more… 25 October 2012

Worldwide Weird

In North Carolina, woolly worms predict winter weather

Banner Elk, North Carolina organizes a Woolly Worm Festival every October to celebrate the black and brown caterpillars’ prophetic capabilities.
Read more… 16 October 2012

Taiwan’s boat burning festival

Taoist festivals do not get much bigger or more spectacular than the Burning of the Wang Yeh Boats, held every three years in southern Taiwanese communities to ward off disease.
12 October 2012

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