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Johannesburg’s new cultural hotspots

After decades of enforced segregation, the city’s many diverse citizens are slowly finding ways to come together.
12 October 2012

Easter Island’s greatest festival

On this tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean, let Easter Island’s famous stone statues draw you to the annual Tapati Rapa Nui, a vibrant celebration of the island’s Polynesian culture.
Read more… 10 October 2012

A day at Tapati Rapa Nui

Every year, the inhabitants of Easter Island – one of the most secluded islands in the world – come alive with cultural dances, typical dresses and ancient physical competitions.
10 October 2012

A touch of brass in Serbia

Every year, the streets of the small Serbian village of Guca are filled with the joyous sounds of trumpets and tubas. Join the party in the weird and wonderful world of Balkan Brass.
Read more… 04 October 2012

In Munich, trachten turns trendy

In the last decade or so, Bavaria’s beer tents have become reminiscent of scenes of the past, with women sporting the hottest new dirndls and men donning their best lederhosen.
Read more… 27 September 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The geography of American barbecue

Across the US, local styles of barbecue have been honed to perfection. Let this roadmap be your guide to the regions that have elevated the act of slow-cooking meat to an art form.
Read more… 24 August 2012

Worldwide Weird

Water jousting in southern France

In Sète, the famous lanced competition takes place on a wooden boat, with a platform that extends 3m above the water and a 2.8m lance as a weapon.
Read more… 21 August 2012

The big business of Japan’s pachinko parlours

Despite Japan’s strict gambling laws, pachinko, a pinball derivative played by millions of people, is a national obsession generating 30 trillion yen profit a year.
Read more… 16 August 2012

In Italy, San Marino stays true

Despite being surrounded by Italy, one of the world’s smallest countries retains its distinct Sammarinese culture.
Read more… 15 August 2012


Cantonese opera returns to Hong Kong

A fledgling movement to revive the traditional Hong Kong art form has picked up speed with the recent opening of the Yau Ma Tei Theatre, a centre featuring young opera artists.
Read more… 13 August 2012

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